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Teacher Wishlists

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Grassmeyer - 1st Grade

Nagle - STEAM

Drexler - 2nd Grade

Espinoza - 2nd Grade

Lingenfelter - 3nd Grade

Ms Jessica - 4th Grade

Brown - 5th Grade

Brown - Reading Specialist

Deacon - 6th Grade

Germaneri - 6th Grade

Matsen - Middle School

Bennett - Middle School


Ms. Keira - Art

Make Learning Visible

I am requesting an iPad Pro for a professional way to document their artistic growth. In distance learning, documentation provided a way to make students' creative process visible. They captured grainy Chromebook images of their work and were able to share them with their peers.

Having access to this iPad in the art room will not only provide a tool to record how students use visual thinking strategies but will provide us with important 21st century skills.

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