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Creating an Antiracist Classroom - Ms. Espinoza, 2nd grade

Help me give my students inclusive books in their library. They need books with characters that are of all cultures so they grow to be antiracist and anti-bias, fighting for social justice and equality for all.

I am requesting a numbers of books that will allow me to do more culturally responsive teaching. Students will be able to see themselves in the diverse characters throughout these books. They will be able to relate to them or grow to be more empathetic towards the characters and people in their world like them. Students will learn within the context of culture. These books will also help them be more emotionally, mentally, and physically healthy. Students are able to make connections through these books and really understand our ever changing society and how they fit in it. With these books, learning can be more student centered as they hold discussions around the ideologies and stories held in these books.

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Upgrade Our Distance Learning - Mr. Johnson, Middle School

Help me give my students smooth, seamless, and responsive lessons with a new Mac Mini that can adequately handle the demands of distance learning.

Currently, if you were to attend the classes I teach, you would find an eager and hard-working teacher and groups of students that are excited about the content as well as their ability to share their voices and develop the numerous and varied skills necessary in the digital world they inhabit. You would also find a whole bunch of people that are tired of waiting for my computer to catch up with my clicks, to finally display the presentation I want to show them, or to allow me to log back in when my browser crashes. The Mac Mini (along with the external monitor I already bought on my own) will revolutionize the way I run my classes and support my students. There is an endless list of ways in which this computer is better adapted to distance learning than the one provided by my district. With it, my face on their screens will stop freezing, actions will happen when I click instead of 3 seconds later, and my browser will stop crashing because the computer can handle what it's being asked to do.

So much smoother. So much easier to teach. So much easier to learn.

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